Are you searching for a unique way to present your product, brand or company?  Are you a designer who needs part of a design to be handwritten, painted or sketched?

Maybe you are working on a new logo or advert and need part of the artwork to be handwritten.  Perhaps you are part of a publishing house and would like a book title written in calligraphy or brush script.  I have a variety of skills that lend themselves to branding and bespoke design, whatever your thoughts or ideas, I can work with you to realise your vision.


First we talk, discuss and collaborate on ideas, once I have a sense of what you are hoping to achieve I begin to sketch, paint or write (or all three!) depending on your project.

Once I have created my initial designs I will send these to you in a preliminary first draft format, normally in sketch format depending on the brief.

After we have discussed these initial proofs I will create the final files, whether these are for print, digital artwork i.e. jpg for websites or actual physical products i.e. labelling or business cards.

I also have a number of printers I use for different projects and can liaise with the printing company on your behalf if you wish.

I love working on bespoke projects and would be delighted to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to discuss your ideas please get in touch via or fill in the form on my contact page.

Complete branding calligraphy and illustrations - Miss Modern Calligraphy