How much notice do you require to create my calligraphy for a wedding or event?

Depending on the amount of items you wish for me to create I try to have as quick a turnaround as possible, please see a breakdown below of services and timescales:
Place card calligraphy: 2 weeks
Envelope addressing calligraphy: 2-3 weeks depending on amount and modern calligraphy style
Bespoke wedding suite (invitations, save the date, rsvp cards, envelopes): 1-3 months (this includes sketches, designs and print run)
Chalkboard Sign(s): 1 week – this can be longer if there are many signs to be created.

Can you match pantone colours or swatches?

I have a variety of inks and paints that I use to create my calligraphy, if you send me the swatch or colour you are trying to match I will try to get as close as I can to your preferred colour. I can provide samples of colours if required.

How would you like the guest list sent to you?

If you are using my calligraphy envelope addressing service I will send you an Excel spreadsheet to put the names and addresses to ensure that the envelopes have the correct format.
If you are sending a list for place cards then either Word or Excel is acceptable. Please be aware your guest list must by typewritten and in electronic format not handwritten as I wouldn’t want to mis-read a name or address and spell it incorrectly.
Please make sure that the list is fully proof read and approved before sending to me. Sometimes it’s helpful to get a friend, family member or colleague to double check this for you.

You are addressing envelopes for me, do you require extra?

Yes please! I would always get an extra 15% of envelopes from the printer, not only for possible mistakes but ink sometimes has a way of splattering across an envelope when you least expect it.

Before ordering your envelopes from the printer please arrange for some samples to be sent to me for me to test with your chosen ink colour. High quality envelopes are normally fine but sometimes there can be problems. Depending on the finish of the envelope some inks can smudge so it is best to make sure that the envelope is fully tested before you order a large amount. As a guide try to aim for envelopes over 120gsm and of smooth finish as a nib can catch on more fibrous paper.

My wedding or event is booked for next year, can I reserve a space with you?

You certainly can, depending on your requirement I can put your date in my calendar and discuss your plans, I will take a small deposit to keep your space and will arrange to contact you closer to the wedding or event. If you are planning to send out Save the Date cards then these can be created in advance of the rest of the stationery.

I need a rush order – can you help me?

Yes, depending on my schedule I will do my best to fit you in. Just send me an email via my contact page or directly at hello at missmoderncalligraphy.co.uk Please note all rush orders will incur a £50 charge.

When should I start organising my wedding stationery?

I would make your wedding stationery your first priority, so many people have busy schedules – especially in the summer. Start thinking about the design and style you would like at least 8-11 months before the wedding. Especially if you are planning a bespoke design or want to keep the same elements throughout. I would recommend that the wedding suite design is agreed, signed off and the Save the Date cards sent out at least 7 months before the wedding.

Plate & love letter image courtesy of Helen Warner Photography

If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email: hello@missmoderncalligraphy.co.uk or fill in the form below: